Monday, August 22, 2005


By the Grace of God, I ended up at the John Legend concert last night and it was faboulous. His 5'8 150 slender body with 30" wasit and a huge you know what had me lifted from my seat, not knowing whcih way to go and proved to me that it don't mean he don't love me just because he cheats on me...that's right John Legend can cheat all he want's becasue when he preformed I felt all the lights go down with spotlight light just on me and him. A surpise guest Kanye West...on a side not...who spoke out against homophobia in the hip hop community in a recent interview.... came out and did a few songs one on his own and a couple wiht John, and had the crowd going C R A Z Y. The best part of the concert was running into a lot of people that I knew, had me feeling that I was at HERE lounge on a WEDNESDAY night. There was a lot of PDA among brothers with other brothers and sisters with other sisters, nobody was ashamed and everybody was loving themselves. That was great. The whole thing was a pleasant surprise by a close frined of mine who did not tell me he had tickets for me until an hour before the show!!! Had me call in to work thinking that he had something very important to talk to me about and it ended up being a whole scheme by him and his lover to get me to the yall B & J.

Till next time,

Daniel aka publicist D.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Is Blogging the New Therapy??

I have been inspired to start a blog for different reasons and because of different people who have said many good things about he blogg world. First and foremost I want to thank Frederick Smith author of Down For Whatever whom I have know for about six years now and do work with him on his book tour (which if you have not picked up you must pick up) it's a great first novel. He has inspired me in many ways. Our recent trip to NYC for Pride in The City (Brooklyn Black Gay Pride) was another inspiration to start my blogg. I had an exceptionally great time, I have been to many prides around the country including ATB in L.A. (where I live), ATL black pride, DC pride where I used to live and many more and if I must say so myself I give two thumbs up to People of Color in Crisis who organized this is event because it was "off da hook". It was a mixture of culture, education that came at you in different angles, and of course lots of fun with but with a balance. I was very impressed. So when I was there I met quiet a few brothers that I was intrigued by. Intrigued because I had never met people my age, my color and my sexual orientation that were doing so much for our community. Not to downplay L.A. peeps but all they wanna do here is party and talk about who did what and where and why and quiet honestly I am tired of hearing it. So yes I was impressed and then I also heard a lot of talk about the blogg world and what stood out for me was when a young man who is known as No4real4real in the blog world said that blogging for him was therapeutic. And I said to myself therapeutic hugh?? Lord knows I need therapy and can not afford that shyt!! So I said to myself I am going to create a blog and see if it works for me and quiet frankly I think it might. I am already feeling better. I have been back from NYC going on two weeks now and I had planned on starting my blog as soon as I got back but with summer classes coming to an end and a whole lot of papers, finals and work I had to catch up on I did not have time.... But here I am now joining the blog world so I can be on Frank Leon Roberts' pick of best ____blog of the year, Who I am giving a major shout out to for making Black Out Art Series one of the highlights of my trip to NYC, along with is crew of talented writers. Also Fred Smith for keeping it Down for Whatever at this moment. And last but not least shout out ot mr. Derrick L. Briggs founder of "Books Are Sexy" bookclub because indeed books ARE sexy and I have been inspired to start a brother version in L.A. , we'll see how it goes. I am out for now, the name is PublicistD and I am out for now and I will be back with a lot more.